Chairman's speech

We, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, are guided by the party’s line, guidelines, policies and scientific outlook on development, and under the correct leadership and strong support of higher-level party committees, government, medicine, and health administration departments, we have always adhered to the concept of "seeking for progress and protecting all beings" , Vigorously implement the strategy of developing enterprises with science and technology and strengthening enterprises with talents, and strive to build a harmonious enterprise, a conservation-oriented enterprise, and an environment-friendly enterprise. The comprehensive economic efficiency has leapt to the top of the top 100 national pharmaceutical industry lists, and ranks among the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" and "National "Top 500 Taxpayers", creating a dominant scale advantage.

On the journey to the new goal, we must clearly see that today's international and domestic competitive environment is no longer the same as before. Opportunities and challenges coexist, and difficulties and risks overlap. Development puts forward higher requirements for us Yangtze River people: sustained stamina needs high-tech products to support, market share needs high-quality medicines to ensure, and the modernization of Chinese medicine needs more medical elites to join. Responsibility, integrity, perseverance, innovation and advancing with the times are the basic qualities necessary for Yangtze River people, as well as our internal standards for self-improvement and pursuit of excellence.

Only with responsibility can we grasp the opportunities given by history and make a career; only with perseverance can we overcome difficulties, overcome difficulties, and be invincible when encountering challenges; only with innovation can we survive in a constantly changing environment Seize opportunities and create new performance; keeping pace with the times can emancipate the mind and deepen reforms, so that the company will always retain youth and vitality, and continue to climb new peaks.

The future competition is the competition between talents and knowledge. The future world belongs to the talents who keep making progress and dare to innovate. Facing the impact and baptism of the knowledge economy sweeping the world, Yangtze River is willing to embrace all rivers and seek talents, and under the concept of respecting knowledge and talents, we sincerely invite people of insight and high-ranking talents from all over the world to join us to create Yangtze River. A better tomorrow.

It is the sacred mission of contemporary pharmaceutical workers to let Chinese medicine go to the world. The people of Yangtze River, who take the revitalization of the national pharmaceutical industry as their mission, should seize the opportunity of history, take precautions, fly against the wind, burn their dreams with passion, use technology to fly wings, use integrity to create brand glory, and use life to write China The most brilliant chapter in medicine.

As the leader of China's national pharmaceutical industry, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical has struggled for this responsibility and dream for more than 40 years. In the new historical journey, the people of Yangtze River will follow the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as the guide, continue to promote the corporate philosophy of "seeking for progress, protect all beings", adhere to the core values of high quality, benefit the people, innovation, and perfection, and cooperate with colleagues in medicine all over the country. Together, bravely shoulder the historical mission and work tirelessly to realize the dream in my heart!

The times call for the strong, and we are striding forward to a world-class pharmaceutical company!