Shanghai Haini Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group Shanghai Haini Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded on September 11, 2001. It is located in Zhoupu Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, next to Shanghai International Medical Park. It has been ranked first among the top 100 pharmaceutical industries in the country for three consecutive years. Industry Group established its first wholly-owned subsidiary outside Taizhou.

The company occupies a total area of about 280,000 square meters, a total construction area of 70,000 square meters, a greening rate of 47%, and more than 500 employees. During the 19 years of rapid development of the company, Haini Pharmaceuticals has overcome difficulties and developed by leaps and bounds through a series of strategic-led and cultural-oriented measures. It is now one of the leading companies in the Shanghai pharmaceutical industry. In the past eight years, it has accumulated sales of 12.5 billion yuan and accumulated taxes of more than 2 billion yuan. In 2018, it paid 421 million yuan in taxes and won the Pudong New Area Outstanding Contribution Award for many consecutive years.

Haini upholds the quality culture of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group of "pharmaceuticals for parents and relatives" and the quality spirit of "no difficulty can knock us down, only quality", and implements the "Golden Circle Rule-based Drug Quality Risk Control Model" ", build a "big quality" system, vigorously implement excellent performance management and six sigma management, strictly control the six quality passes of research and development, procurement, production, release, storage, and after-sales, and make every medicine with high standards.

Among the Shanghai pharmaceutical industry enterprises, it was the first to introduce the excellent performance model, won the first place in the first "Pudong New Area Mayor Quality Award" in 2013, the Shanghai Government Quality Gold Award in 2014, the National Advanced Enterprise Implementing the Excellent Performance Model in 2015, and the 2016 Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award for Innovation, Top 100 Shanghai Manufacturing Enterprises in 2017, May 1st Labor Medal in Pudong New Area in 2018, and Top 10 Comprehensive Strength in Brand Building of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry in 2019.

Haini Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing high-quality and efficient medicines and health services to the society. Its products include both Chinese and Western medicines, covering circulatory system medicine, cardiovascular medicine, digestive system medicine, gynecology and other therapeutic fields, with more than 20 product regulations. Relying on excellent innovative R&D and market development capabilities, we have grown from nothing, from small to large, accumulating, and our products are sold in more than 30 provinces and cities in China, providing health care services to hundreds of millions of patients. The flagship product Landi (amlodipine besylate tablets) won the Shanghai Famous Trademark and Shanghai Famous Brand Product. Its production workshop passed the EU GMP certification on-site inspection in May 2017 and was the first in Shanghai in March 2018. On-site inspection of products through the consistency evaluation of generic drugs. Xuesu (loratadine tablets) passed the on-site inspection of the consistency evaluation of generic drugs in April 2019, becoming the only company that passed the consistency evaluation of this product.

After 19 years of prosperous years, on the road of "seeking for progress and protecting all beings", we have continuously improved and improved the level of production quality management. Looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence and striving for Haini Pharmaceuticals to serve the health of mankind wholeheartedly with the feeling of serving the country by industry, and will surely make greater contributions to the medical cause of the motherland.