• Our Mission

    Seek for progress, protect all beings

  • Our Vision

    Internationally renowned companies

  • Core Value

    High quality, benefiting the people, innovation and perfection

  • Our Philosophy

    Responsible to oneself, family, business and society

  • Our Culture

    Optimism, unity, innovation, responsibility

Three importantFirst, we must put the company’s interests first
Second, we must resolutely implement and result-oriented
Third, we must have the ability to innovate and learn
Three important Three don'tThree don'tFirst, don’t use public tools for private purposes, and use fraud.
Second, don’t be a good person and dare not manage boldly.
Third, don’t form cliques.
Three oldBe an honest person, speak the truth and do honest thingsThree old four strictFour strictStrict requirements, strict organization, serious attitude, strict discipline
Three forgetSelfless decision-making, selfless management, selfless workThree forget Three never forgetThree never forgetDon’t forget the party’s policies, national interests, and the welfare of the masses
Triple effect
three value
Efficiency, effect, benefit
people have value, money has value, time has value
Three values, three effects and four transformationsSan Gong
Four Modernizations
Fairness, justice and openness
institutionalization, standardization, precision, and intelligence
  • Quality policy

    Bless all living beings, patients are relatives, quality first, pragmatic and honest, innovative and enterprising, world-class

  • Quality spirit

    No difficulty can knock us down, only quality

  • Quality culture

    Medicine for parents, medicine for loved ones

  • Brand spirit

    Brand is the soul of an enterprise, and quality is the soul of a brand