Entry notice


(1) Please bring your personal data to the personnel department (landline: 021-68128999-8776) on the first day of work for the entry procedures:

  Materials to be submitted:

1. The original and 5 copies of the ID card (the front and back sides of the ID card are on the same side of A4 paper);

2. Two original and photocopy of the household registration book (home page and personal page of the head of household);

3. 5 individual one-inch photos (both black and white and color);

4. The original and 2 copies of the graduation certificate; if you have a degree certificate for bachelor degree or above, please provide the original and 2 copies of the degree certificate; 1 xuexin.com academic certificate (certification certificate is required for college students or above): http:// www.chsi.com.cn/; English proficiency certificate: a copy of the four-level certificate for undergraduates/a copy of the six-level certificate for masters;

5. (1) Shanghai household registration personnel: "Labor Manual", "Unit Refund Form" issued by the original unit and housing provident fund account (status);

  (2) Personnel from other provinces and cities: "Certificate of Resignation" or "Retirement Form" issued by the original unit and housing provident fund account number (status);

6. If you have a professional title certificate or vocational qualification certificate, please provide the original and one copy;

7. (1) Shanghai household registration personnel: If you belong to Shanghai laid-off workers, unemployment insurance, or government land acquisition, please provide proof of retaining social insurance with the original unit and materials that can prove information;

  (2) Personnel from other provinces and cities: If you have the "Shanghai Talent Introduction Residence Permit", please provide the original and 2 copies;

8. If you are a student at school, you need to provide the original and one copy of your student ID.

(2) The company's administrative online work hours are five days a week, and the work and rest hours are 8:00-17:00, of which 12:00-13:00 is lunch and rest time (Note: Your specific working hours should be consulted with your superior manager Confirm again); the production workshop and its auxiliary departments arrange their own schedules according to the production situation.

(3) According to your personal household registration situation, the company will pay social insurance for you in accordance with Shanghai policies. Provident Fund Account:

(4) Physical examination: Please report to the Personnel Department on the second day (within working days) after agreeing to hire, and go to the outpatient clinic of Yukang Hospital (Address: No. 1, Lane 2441, Hunan Road) for physical examination. Medical examination standard: 125 yuan (male)/130 yuan (female) per person each time (2017). Note: Fasting physical examination; please bring your ID card and letter of introduction during physical examination; blood sampling must be carried out before 10 am; physical examination day after 3 pm to the human resources department to submit the entry materials. Others: If you resign during the probation period, you need to hand over the medical examination fee to the Finance Department in cash before resigning.

(5) Bank account: Please apply for an Agricultural Bank of China card (Shanghai branch) before entering the job, and submit the receipt (full card number and full name) to the personnel department, and your salary will be entered here Account.


Description of other matters:

(1) Salary payment: Salary will be credited to your designated personal account before the 10th (inclusive) of each month;

Salary query URL http://hr.yzjyy.com:8080/sapprd/common/login.jsp

(2) Meals: The company provides free three meals, and special personnel can enjoy night meals;

(3) Labor contract: After completing the entry formalities, we will sign a labor contract with you (in duplicate) within 10 working days, and will arrange for you to participate in regular employee training courses organized by the company;

(4) Short number: There is no charge for calls within the company. If necessary, you can go to the IT administrator Mr. Fu to open (monthly rent 5 yuan);

(5) Employee ID: After entering the job (10 working days), please ask the department personnel commissioner;

(6) Work permit: A 1-inch color headless photo must be provided and sent to the IT department (IT office, extension: 8009);

(7) Meal card and accommodation processing: For dining card (canteen office, extension: 1005), a 50 yuan meal card deposit is required, and for check-in (Mr. Su Guan Lu, extension: 1007), a 200 yuan accommodation deposit is required. The above deposit will be refunded after the employee resigns with the receipt. Please take good care of the deposit receipt, if it is lost, it will not be compensated (deposit payment procedure: pay cash to the finance department on the fourth floor of the administration building and issue a receipt; present the receipt to the relevant department to complete the procedures.) (The financial department pays before 11 am or after 4 pm );

(8) In-service employees shall be implemented according to occupational disease testing items (hazardous factors) and physical examination cycles. When employees are transferred (including after the probation period expires) or transferred (including resignation) to positions with occupational disease hazards, the human resources department is responsible for them Arrange for occupational health inspection and archive management.

(9) Notice to employees: Please read the company's rules and regulations carefully and strictly follow them within 10 days after entering the job. If you have any comments or suggestions, give feedback to the personnel department within 10 days. Failure to provide feedback within the time limit shall be deemed to agree with the company’s rules and regulations. The employees themselves shall bear full responsibility for all losses caused by the failure to implement the company's various systems due to personal reasons.

Welcome to be our new colleague! I wish you a bright future in the company!



Human Resources Department, Shanghai Haini Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group