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Analysis leader R&D Department master 2 Details
Analytical researcher R&D Department Undergraduate 3 Details
Synthesis Researcher R&D Department Undergraduate 3 Details
Synthesis leader R&D Department master's degree 1 Details
Hello! Welcome to become a member of the Yangtze River Shanghai Hainey family!
  In order to do your job well, we hereby inform about the campus recruitment registration in 2020 as follows, please read it carefully.
Check-in arrangements1. Registration time: July 2020
2. Registration location: No. 3999, Hunan Road, Zhoupu Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai;
3. Registration personnel: Shanghai Haini Pharmaceutical 2020 school recruits employees
Check-in process1. Report to the Human Resources Department of Shanghai Haini Pharmaceutical Industry;
2. Receive training materials and other materials;
3. Apply for meal card and accommodation procedures;
4. Ticket collection (when interviewing Return ticket + check-in ticket from home or school to the company);
Friendly reminder1. After arriving in Shanghai, you can take Metro Line 4 to Tangqiao Station and transfer to the Tangshao Line, or take Metro Line 2 to the Longdazhuan Line and get off at Hunan Road Jianhao Road Station;
2 Contact: Jiang Xiaoxiao Tel: 68128999-8776. If you have daily necessities and other parcels, please mail them in advance, and the human resources department will collect them before the employee reports. Address: No. 3999, Hunan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, Qian Qiurong and Jiang Xiaoxiao (personal name), Human Resources Department, Shanghai Haini Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., post code 201318. Note: Please calculate the time as much as possible so that the package arrives at the company two or three days before check-in. The company will no longer collect the baggage item parcel list that arrives after July 12, but will be collected by the individual.
What to bring1. Degree certificate, graduation certificate, English four (6) level certificate, computer grade certificate; 1-inch headless color photo, a copy of ID card, a copy of the home page of the household registration and personal page;
2, please keep it properly Good your own ticket, we will collect uniformly when you register. The company will reimburse the return ticket when you come to the company for interview, and the one-way train hard seat, hard sleeper or bus ticket (by train It takes more than 10 hours to reimburse the hard sleeper ticket).
3. Other daily necessities. 4. All new colleagues are requested to bring 250 yuan in cash with them, of which 200 yuan is the accommodation deposit and 50 yuan is the meal card deposit, which will be collected upon check-in.
Other1. If you have any questions or cannot report on time, please contact the Recruitment Office of the Human Resources Department at 021-68128999-8776/8773.
2. Please be sure to report on time. Those who postpone the report without notice will be dealt with as a breach of contract.