Yangtze River Pharmaceutical ode

Liu Liangming

How many vicissitudes of the 10,000-li Yangtze River? Five thousand years of long-lasting herbal medicine, eternal beauty. The great river surging, contains the civilization of China; Yangtze, Miaomiao, composes the golden chapter of protection. Shennong tastes the grass, and the pot is surging. Yangtze Pharmaceutical, the majestic train of the times. Who holds the bow to the sky? Who makes good medicine for the common people? Bian Que practiced medicine, and his medical skills were superb and magical; Yangtze researched medicine and loved the people. Industry serves the country and moisturizes the soil; the dream totem is the sun and the moon.

 Who has cloaked the thorns? I create glory with my passion. Where is the way for foreign medicine to grab the beach? National medicine is self-defeating. Forge ahead and brave the waves, perseverance to meet the dawn. The river is gushing, telling my heart; starting from nothing, I will fight my arms. The lofty ambition is in the chest, and the blue ray of the road is a foundation. At the beginning of the business, the sea of medicine was smashing waves, the difficult situation, and the oars against the current. To win customers with integrity, to fight the market with quality. The helmsman lifted his heart out and hunted with banners; the phoenix nirvana several times, the righteousness is vigorous! Huh! Inherit the legacy of Shennong, strive for Jingzhi; set the precedent of the times, keep faith and expand territory.

Who fights the dragon with a long tassel? I take my heart and shoulders courageously. The reform and opening up are booming; the pharmaceutical industry is booming. Raise gold to fight the mall, and ride the iron horse to ride the wind and frost. Visiting famous doctors and looking at the "thatched cottage", looking for good medicine to revitalize the pharmaceutical factory. The master of traditional Chinese medicine, he hides proven prescriptions to be "married"; if he is thirsty for talents, he is sincere to win praise. Dong Lao presents his prescription, his unique skills can be promoted; R&D speeds up, and his stomach is condensed. The new medicine is popular in China, Zepei Ganlin; fame is swept overseas, and its beauty is surging. Be the leader of modernization and hold the rein of the reform wave. The pharmaceutical industry is bright, and Yongzheng shines. Huh! Reforming the past and making new ones is the backbone of Yangtze; leading innovation is the spirit of the group!

Who hangs the clouds and sails to the sea? I draw a blueprint to navigate. The river is rushing, and the boat is racing against the waves. The spring tide breaks the ice river, and the seven stars shine in the moonlight. Drum with thunder to reorganize mountains and rivers; Encourage with blood, smile proud of the waves; Hold it with a giant flag, and the horn is loud. Hongyan moved eastward, Hainey's strong wind was surging; the rafter pointed to the west, Hairong's picture scroll was magnificent. Spurring his troops south to take Hai Rui's huge waves; Wei Lue went north to write articles about Haiyan's beautiful scenery. Build the ark of the times and cross the ocean of the world. Promote the sail of innovation and compete for quality in the market. Set a benchmark for quality and strive for business opportunities in the ocean. Huh! The strategy is magnificent, the enterprise is high-sighted; the green pharmaceutical, the advocacy of the group!

Who puts the golden wings into the colorful phoenix? Medicine and quality soar together. The safety of medicines is as big as the sky, and the world of high quality benefits the people. Put the "five barriers" to ensure quality. Source control, lift your eyes. Excellent medicinal materials and strong curative effect. Quality month, busy month by month. Diligent research and achievements. Quality award, gold medal bright. EU certification, joyful heart; export to EU, Yangyao set sail. The fragrance of Yangtze medicine and the fragrance of the Boao event; alleviate the poor and care for the health of the people. Huh! Lei Lei search, Yangtze's character; dedicated to quality, group orientation!

Who holds the party flag and shines? The soul of culture sang in unison. "July 1st" chorus competition, the red song was loud and bright; "August 1st" supported the army continuously and dedicated to the party. Consolidate the tension of culture and promote the spirit of grandeur. The spring breeze melts the rain, and the autumn moon is bright. Build a picturesque medicine garden with a poetic and lingering style; build a green island of customs and melodious Tao Ran. Water, blue, sky and blue, the purpose of beautiful life; the book is sweet and ink, and the flow of sentiment. Huh! Harmony and beauty are the pursuit of Yangtze; the party spirit is always preserved, the glory of the group!

Husband! Medicines are also the livelihood of the country. The pharmacist, the Shennong of today. What Yangtze is anxious for is also the health of all living beings; what it is borne is also the important task of the country. Yangtze River is also a person who has made a legend in the medicine world with his ambitions and ambitions of reclaiming the sea. The feelings of a doctor and the spirit of moving mountains have become trend-makers of the times, and the soul of Yangtze River!

Hey, hey, hey! The great river is violent; the pharmaceutical industry is steaming, and health is expected. The history is shining, and the heart is flowing; it protects all living beings, and love has no boundaries.

Then he said:

The Yangtze River is surging with the Yangtze wind, who will stand up to the top? Flags hunting and hunting reflect the sun and the moon, and love is shining in the sky.

High-quality benefits the people, protects all beings, seeks for progress and shows great success. Ling Yunjian writes Spring and Autumn, and the tide is surging to show Huaqiong. "China Quality News"