Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group Project Bidding Information Registration Form
        project name Shanghai Haini staff dormitory and bathroom renovation project
          Bidding Information   1. Project overview
    Shanghai Haini 2 dormitories and 1 bathroom were built in 2003 (old dormitory building), 2006 (new dormitory building) and 2003 (bathroom) respectively. The old and new dormitories and bathrooms have been used for many years, and there are existing dormitory living environment, There are hidden safety hazards. The dormitory function can no longer meet the needs of employees, and it also brings inconvenience to the company's management and restricts the balanced development of Haini. The staff dormitories and bathrooms in Shanghai Haini are now being renovated.
    2. Registration conditions:
   (1) Applicant's qualification category and level:
     Professional contractor of building decoration and decoration engineering
   (2) Qualification level of the person in charge of the proposed project:
     level-one constructor
     (3) Other conditions:
     (4) Need to provide relevant information
      Business license, construction enterprise qualification certificate, etc.
       3. Contact person and registration phone number:
      Qiu Mengjian 18721628825  021-68128999-2007
      4. Deadline for registration: October 21, 2018
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