(Tender Information) Reconstruction of Automatic Fire Alarm System


project name                       Reformation of automatic fire alarm systemSubmission date                       2015.07.22
Bidding Information                      1. Project overview
Existing fire control systems often fail. Due to the age of the equipment, it is difficult to find parts in the market, and the repair price is high. Some damaged parts are no longer available for purchase, and there is no repair value. What must be changed after replacing the fire alarm controller and replacing the equipment System wiring, detectors and other auxiliary facilities. Replace and repair the fire alarm system of the original animal room (now F library) and connect it to the central computer system.
                       2. Registration conditions:
                       (1) Applicant's qualification category and level:
                       Possess the construction qualification above level 2 of the professional contracting company for fire protection facilities engineering of construction enterprises
                       (2) Qualification level of the person in charge of the proposed project:
                       no request
                       (3) Other conditions:
                       On-site construction personnel, if they need to carry out special operation construction, they need to hold a special operation operation certificate
                       (4) Provide relevant information
                   Qualification certificate; organization code certificate; registered capital certificate (not less than 2 million), project contract scope certificate; safety production permit; construction personnel special operation certificate (required only when performing special operations).
                       3. Contact person and registration phone number:
                       Wei Shanchen021*68128999*5001;Yao Dezhi021*68128999*2068
                       4. Deadline for registration:
                       August 20, 2015